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Safeguarding Policy


Little Sportster Coaching acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, and government guidance and complies with best practice.

The policy recognises that the welfare and interests of children are paramount in all circumstances. It aims to ensure that regardless of age, ability or disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation, socio-economic background, all children:

  • have a positive and enjoyable experience of sport at Little Sportsters Coaching Venues in a safe and child-centered environment.

  • are protected from abuse whilst participating in a Little Sportsters Coaching activity. 



Little Sportsters Coaching acknowledges that some children, including disabled children and young people or those from ethnic minority communities, can be particularly vulnerable to phycological and mental abuse and we accept the responsibility to take reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure their welfare.   

As part of our safeguarding policy Little Sportsters Coaching will:

  • Promote and prioritises the safety and well-being of children and young people.

  • Ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in respect of safeguarding and is provided with appropriate learning opportunities to recognise, identify and respond to signs of abuse, neglect and other safeguarding concerns relating to children and young people.

  • Ensure appropriate action is taken in the event of incidents/concerns of abuse and support provided to the individual/s who raise or disclose the concern.

  • Ensure that confidential, detailed and accurate records of all safeguarding concerns are maintained and securely stored in line with General Data Protection Regulation guidance. 

  • Ensure robust safeguarding arrangements and procedures are in operation. 

  • Take seriously and respond appropriately and promptly to safeguarding concerns, incidents and allegations.

  • Ensure staff are trained in child and adult safeguarding at a level appropriate to their role and responsibility and know how to report safeguarding concerns both internally and externally. 

  • Ensure that proper and effective checks and precautions for child safeguarding are undertaken during the recruitment of all staff. 

  • To ensure that all staff know who is the Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO). 


The policy and procedures will be widely promoted and are mandatory for everyone involved in Little Sportsters Coaching. Failure to comply with the policy and procedures will be addressed without delay and may ultimately result in dismissal/exclusion from the organisation.

This policy commits all Little Sportsters Coaching employees, contractors, freelancers, self-employed and volunteers to report any concern they may have about the safety of any child through internal and external reporting processes. 


Little Sportsters Coaching takes is safeguarding responsibilities seriously and acknowledges that all its staff will be trained on this policy and ensure that staff have the relevant and effective tools and training for them to identify and report any safeguarding incidents. 

Little Sportsters Coaching identifies ‘Children’ as legally defined as any person under the age of 18. 

This policy highlights the routes for identifying, monitoring and reporting procedures to ensure that children and classes are performed in a safe and secure environment. Further, more explanatory safeguarding policies can be found on the Rugby Union (RFU) website and Local Council Websites. Little Scrummers abides by, aligns and uses the same definitions and safeguarding policies as that of the RFU safeguarding policy –


Roles and Responsibilities.

The responsibility for safeguarding children within the class times of Little Sportsters Coaching classes is the responsibility of the designated coach, volunteer and member of staff present. There is also a duty of care recognised by the Directors of the company too. This includes identification of risk and reporting of concerns. 


Little Sportsters Coaching Directors and Managers will:

    • Ensure that all employees and volunteers have undergone relevant checks which are not limited to but include screening by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) at the appropriate level to which they are employed. 

  • Ensure that all necessary procedures and practices are in place to provide adequate protection for children.

  • Ensure that all employees and volunteers who are working with children are adequately trained on Little Scrummers safeguarding policies. 

  • Ensure that parents/carers of children are aware that in providing Little Scrummers Classes, staff are not acting as Loco Parentis (in the place of a parent). 

  • Ensure that this policy is up to date and visible online and available electronically. 

  • Ensure that where a concern is raised that it is dealt with within GDPR compliance regulations and with the relevant external party only and ensure the safe and secure transfer of relevant information, following external party guidelines and GDPR policies. 


Little Sportsters Coaching will ensure that all staff and volunteers are made aware that Andrew Fry and Holly Pike (Directors) and Neil Corley (Education Manager) are nominated ‘Designated Safeguarding Officers’ (DSO). It is the responsibility of the DSO to ensure the training of up to date policies on safeguarding is conducted and to ensure that staff are aware of the companies safeguarding policy. 

The role of the DSO is, but not limited to: 

  • Ensuring there is a safeguarding policy and reporting procedure in place. 

  • Ensuring staff are aware how to raise safeguarding concerns.

  • Maintaining an accurate and secure central child and adult safeguarding record where necessary.

  • Encouraging and supporting a workplace culture of listening to children in order to protect them.


Recognising and reporting

It is vital that all employees and volunteers are aware of the signs of abuse as outlined in the RFU safeguarding policy. 

All working and volunteer staff have a responsibility to report safeguarding concerns, incidents or allegations, but are not responsible for investigating individual cases. 

In any instance of a concern, incident or allegation, the staff or volunteer member will in the first instance contact the Little Sportsters DSO. It will be made clear to parents and careers, should they have any concerns regarding the conduct of Little Sportsters employees or representatives that they have the ability and report any concerns, incidents or allegations to the Little Sportsters DSO.

Should the issues continue then the employee, volunteer, parent or career has the right to contact the RFU or the relevant external parties. 


Little Sportsters Coaching will ensure that its employees, volunteers and representatives are aware of the companies safeguarding polices and reporting procedures. 


The policy will be reviewed a year after development and then every three years, or in the following circumstances:

  • changes in legislation and/or government guidance

  • as required by the Local Safeguarding Children Board, UK Sport and/or Home Country Sports Councils

  • as a result of any other significant change or event. 


Useful Links and Other Information 

This policy will be made available to view on the Little Sportsters Website:

Should a copy be needed by any parent or career please do reach out to the Little Sportsters Coaching DSO. 


Little Scrummers Rugby and Little Sportsters DSO’s: 

Andrew Fry 

Holly Pike 

Neil Corley

DSO’s and Directors of Little Scrummers Rugby and Little Sportsters Coaching.

South House Farm

Mundon Road



T 0330 088 1172


England Rugby (RFU) safeguarding policy –

Essex County Council Safeguarding Policies Website –

Childline – 0800 1111

Essex Safeguarding Children Board – Essex Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Board – 


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