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When do Red Sports and play Camps run?

Camps will run during each school holiday, dates and days running for each camp can be found on the Red camp page.

How do children spend the day at a camp?

Little Sportsters will be put into groups to take part in activities throughout the day. There are many sports/activities on offer and we encourage all our Little Sportsters to try everything. 
We give all Little Sportsters regular breaks and a full lunch break at the mid point of the day.


How should your child dress for the camp and what should they bring?

Children should come in comfortable clothing and suitable footwear for outside play. They will also need enough drinks and food for the day. We are a NUT FREE camp so please don't bring any nut-based products.
We also don't share food at camps.

What if someone else will be picking up your child/ren?

Please make sure to confirm this with the coach's when doing the drop off in the morning, giving full name and contact address.


What age can children attend Red Sports and play camp from?

Children can attend camp from 4 years (going into reception)  to 11/12 years (year 6) .

What is the drop off and collection procedure for camps?

Children will be met by a Sportsters Coach who will sign them into camp and set a password with you which will then be used when picking up at the end of the day.

Please note - if the password is incorrect on pick up, we will contact the booking parent/emergency contact.

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